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If you’ve swapped orgasms for a DVD box set of Downton Abbey, it might be time to reassess. Before you go any further, make sure you’re both on the same path. It used to be that you wanted to spend every night and waking moment together, but now you’re daydreaming about bachelorhood, romanticising past relationships or even making contact with old flames.

Either way, you already have one foot out of the door.

Compromise is a major part of being in a relationship, but if you’re growing resentful about the amount of time, effort and money you’re putting into a relationship, chances are you’re not invested in the long-haul.

If a night out with friends consistently takes priority over spending the weekend at your partner’s parents house, it might be a sign that you’re yearning for your independence.

I am seeing one particular gentleman for the third date soon, watch this space” “Having come away from a relatively long marriage, I was feeling a little nervous about joining the ‘dating scene’ again.

If you’ve reached the point where you’re actively ignoring their attempts to contact you, it’s time to have the talk. The same applies to the ‘I'm scared I won’t meet anyone else’ excuse. These are big decisions to make as a couple that will only work if both of your lives are heading towards the same goal.

There’s no ‘normal’ to the amount of sex you should be having, but there’s a difference between cooling down after the initial honeymoon period, and cooling off all together. Perhaps you want to travel for a year, or take an opportunity abroad?

When a potential match is identified, your matchmaker will call and describe the person to you.

The potential match also receives a phone call describing you.

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Established in a Bloomsbury Bookshop in London in the the early 1980’s, we provide bespoke personal, private introductions throughout London and the South East.

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