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I played the first 4 tracks and found that as they played, the songs were removed from the SPL.To me, this indicates that the i Pod is capable of updating playlists dynamically.All playlists (except the on-the-go) are set up, maintained, and edited via i Tunes.It seems obvious enough that if the playlist isn't on the i Pod itself it must be in i Tunes (the algorithm could certainly check, at the very least). i Pod updates i Tunes with the list of recently played tracks. i Pod updates it's smart playlists, and if one depends on a playlist not on the device, it assumes it's in i Tunes.From what I've experienced, these break live updating on i Pod smart playlists: *Podcast is stars My speculation is that the Playlist and Album Rating rules break live updating because the i Pod doesn't do the complex calculations that those require.

Because of this issue, I avoid the Podcast and Playlist rules entirely now, and while I use the Album Rating rule I do so knowing that the playlist it creates won't live update on the i Pod and will only get updated when I sync back to i Tunes. Album rating may be calculated by itunes and not the ipod (since itunes has the whole album and maybe your ipod doesn't?

I know you can do this the genre tag, but then you have to remember the order you put stuff in....

"indie, folk, pop", or was that "pop, indie, folk"?

Upon docking, the songs I had played on the i Pod were updated to i Tunes, the smart playlists were updated, and the "new version" of the smart playlists are what get copied to the i Pod. This is a great way to always have your i Pod loaded with a small random sample from another much larger playlist. I actually use playlists for each genre, instead of the genre tag.

I do this just because I can drag different artists/albums to many genres, if more than one applies.

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It does not update dynamically on the i Pod, only when I sync.

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