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He would rather date a woman without kids than date one with children, get attached to those kids, and then have to leave them, especially if their father wasn't in their lives and the kids had started to look to him as that figure.

It's not that having kids is a deal-breaker for him, but it is something that would make him think twice.

check the box saying that I did have children on Plenty of Fish, I got 65 messages, 99 "meet me requests" (the exact number is unknown, but from the push notifications from my phone, I'd wager the number higher than 131).

He explained that the last woman he dated had children.

He cared for her, but didn't want to get too attached to her children in case the relationship didn't work out, which it didn't.

I specifically stated: Out of 35 messages, 22 either used the word "gorgeous" or referenced my appearance in some way when trying to connect with me.

Only three actually asked me a question about something I mentioned in my profile.

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