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Hundred percent free adult site

Much of each paycheck goes to diet books, laxatives, jazzercise classes, and binge food.

The remaining twenty percent (20%) do not improve, even with treatment.

In some cases BDD can lead to steroid abuse, unnecessary plastic surgery, and even suicide.

Over half (57.5%) listed appearance as the biggest concern in their lives.

The same study indicated that 59% of the twelve and thirteen-year-old girls who suffered from low self-esteem were also dieting. (Health magazine, September 1997; and NEDIC, a Canadian eating disorders advocacy group)Because physicians are not required to report eating disorders to a health agency, and because people with these problems tend to be secretive, denying that they even have a disorder, we have no way of knowing exactly how many people in this country are affected.

About 50% of people who have been anorexic develop bulimia or bulimic patterns.

Because people with bulimia are secretive, it is difficult to know how many older people are affected. Only about 10% of people with anorexia and bulimia are male.

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Studies of eating attitudes indicate abnormal eating attitudes in non-Western countries have been gradually increasing, presumably because of the influence, at least in part, of Western media: movies, TV shows, and magazines.

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