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History dating back to 1773 bbs

This feeling was reflected in a wave of new laws throughout the 1790s that curbed capital punishment, abolishing it for certain classes of crime.

Five states, for example, limited capital punishment to cases of murder." Rebecca Stefoff, MA Starting around 1833, "public executions were attacked as cruel.

When the Broadway Tabernacle in New York decided to sponsor a series of public debates, no question was as controversial as capital punishment and no two opponents as well known as O'Sullivan and Cheever...

This move was opposed by many death penalty abolitionists who thought public executions would eventually cause people to cry out against execution itself.

For example, in 1835, Maine enacted what was in effect a moratorium on capital punishment after over ten thousand people who watched a hanging had to be restrained by police after they became unruly and began fighting.

Not only did certain provisions of the Constitution - such as the Fifth Amendment - expressly allow for the taking of life, but others - such as the Eighth Amendment - were deliberately phrased in ambigious ways that suggested even if certain forms of punishment could be banned (such as crucifixions or beheadings) the basic principle of government executions remained permissible if individual states and the federal government wished to legislate for these." - First US Congress Establishes Federal Death Penalty "The First Congress adopted several other bills relating to the federal judiciary or its functions.

Except for the bill providing salaries, these bills originated in the Senate.

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The fourth paragraph of the act authorized judges to sentence convicted murderers to surgical dissection after execution.