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In a city on edge over a series of Islamist-inspired attacks, where police keep extensive watchlists and monitor potential militants, terror took a new turn when a van plowed into a group of Muslim worshipers here Monday.

A man identified as Darren Osborne, a 47-year-old from Cardiff, Wales, was allegedly behind the wheel. But if he took the authorities by surprise, the act capped a growing dread in London’s Muslim community.

Abdulrahman Aidroos said he and his friends were attending to the man who had collapsed when suddenly he saw a van driving “straight into us.” The driver jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run, Aidroos said.

We stopped all forms of attack and abuse toward him that were coming from every angle.” Mahmoud said he flagged down a passing police car and told the officers: “There’s a mob attempting to hurt him. He picked this area well, and he knows Finsbury Park is predominantly a Muslim area.” Fearing copycat attacks, many Muslims urged extra security for mosques and other sites.Even before this attack, Muslims said they had seen a sharp rise in hate crimes, here and elsewhere in Britain.“Over the past weeks and months, Muslims have endured many incidents of Islamophobia, and this is the most violent manifestation to date,” Harun Khan, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said in a statement.Fears have been growing among Muslims here that they could be singled out by extremists in tit-for-tat attacks because of other attacks carried out in the name of Islam, even though they are widely denounced by the mainstream Muslim community.Monday’s early morning attack was confounding in another way, too.

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Using vans, trucks or cars as weapons poses huge challenges to public safety.

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