Dating traditional mongols

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Dating traditional mongols

From the early 1930s, there were attempts to switch from Mongolian to Latin script, but these early attempts met with strong opposition.However, in the latter half of the decade circumstances changed as continued use of Mongolian script was denounced as “nationalist” in the wake of Stalin’s Great Terror.

She jumped into a taxi, confident that she’d be driven to her destination, and fluently gave the address. It turned out that where she wanted to go was right there, but she couldn’t read the signs to figure that out.

Everyone was forced to support the Latinization of Mongolian writing, in fear for their lives.

In February 1941, the government gave an official green light to the use of Latin script, but the following month, these same public officials decided Mongolian should be written using the same Cyrillic alphabet as Russian.

This intricate writing system was invented by Tibetan lama Zhogoin Qoigyai Pagba for Kublai Khan.

It ambitiously aimed to be a script able to be used for all the languages under their sway, including Chinese, Tibetan and Mongolian.

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