Dating guild guitars by serial number

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Dating guild guitars by serial number

I am somewhat skeptical about some of Guenter's stuff: I once bought an Epiphone Dragon banjo uke from him that I'm pretty sure didn't leave the Epiphone factory sporting the dragon headstock inlay. Note the glossy finish on the 'Special' (even on the peghead)? If the label uses a gothic-style font, it is probably from the mid to late 1930s. I am very interested in the history of the old NY Epiphone instruments.If it is gold and contains phrases like 'Epiphone Banjo Corp' or 'Makers of Art Musical Instruments', it is from earlier. Posting the serial number, and photos would really help, also the type of label. my first post after joining this great forum recently...) Welcome to the Cafe, Masterbilt!If the label has green or blue trim, it is from 1940-onward. The best source I know of for info on the New York-era Epiphones is Fisch and Fred's House of Stathopoulo.It's out of print, but copies turn up on ebay somewhat regularly.So always interesting to hear about some "real" instruments and see info and pictures ... I too have an Adelphi mandolin, and I have previously owned a couple 2-point Strands.

Bamboone - in the early '30s Epiphone kept changing the headstock shape and style of the Triumph model - possibly these changes also applied to the Hollywood as the Triumph's tenor version (although not quite sure).It also has a fancy engraved tailpiece and threaded rod pickguard support as seen in the first Strand catalog picture (all instruments I have actually seen pictures of had the bent metal support). that's the early asymmetric headstock with inlaid banners. Also, the back on mine is laminated walnut (Fred&Fisch suggested it would be solid walnut in 1934), but the sides are solid walnut. I previously had a 1941 Triumph Tenor (see pic): I traded a 1940 Epiphone Navarre to Palm Guitars in the Netherlands for it!There are pictures of an Epiphone "Special" tenor guitar on this German website: to a Hollywood - maybe "Special" because of the black top? The guitar overall is pretty well worn, and it looks like some work was done to the headstock inlay, but it looks to have a funky bridge and pickguard brace assembly similar to masterbilt's Adelphi (and I assume it's original). Might I impose upon you to attach to an email a straight-on pic for me (the larger the file size, the better! My email address is anthonyhendrix3843 (at) msn (dot) com. Different company, I know, but perhaps the same holds true for More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins. Donaldson Wood Thormahlen Andersen Old Wave Bacorn Yanuziello Fender National Gibson Franke Fuchs Aceto Three Hungry Pit Bulls Hi everyone.

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