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Consolidating data using metadata

Driving organizational change across a company is not easy, but with the Office system technologies you can build a solid foundation to facilitate these changes.

Info Path 2007 enables individual departments to create forms applications that integrate with centralized, standardized, information management systems.

However, managing the array of data collection tools and all the disparate information is difficult.

Reliable integration and secure sharing of data are constant challenges for IT organizations.

Enterprises often give teams departmental application servers to accommodate individual information management needs.

Figure 1 shows an example of a typical business process.

An employee who wants to trade an assignment with a colleague must first obtain an agreement from the colleague, then approval from a manager or coordinator of the assignment schedule, and finally from the supervisor.

This could involve employees trading work shifts, for example.

For instance, the effects of a malfunctioning component are isolated if individual solutions are hosted on departmental application servers.

In a shared environment, however, a malfunctioning component can affect business processes on a much larger scale.

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For example, compliance regulations for public companies result in business requirements that in turn translate into company-wide information management policies.

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