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If it was giftart or an art trade with another user, then you may put it on your page with CREDIT to the artist in the caption. No Offensive language whether it be in chat or in story comments. Make sure to always credit the artist in the caption.depending on the terms of the rules broken- there is a strike system in place. Strike One-Given their first warning X Strike Two- Second warning- let them know if they break the rule a third time, they're blocked XX Strike Three-Last strike, you're out. If there are any more posted, we will take them down 21. All art is copyrighted to the people who drew them, as well as any art that comes from the PAW Patrol, Screenshots are copyrighted to the makers of the PAW Patrol. It is considered spam and is very annoying to the other users.

Also, you might want to check free sex chat listen, free hindi sex chat without registration. This includes leaving a message in the middle of the RP asking to join. 27: All users must be at least 13 due to federal law, and Wikia policy any users that are proven under-aged will be reported to Wikia Staff, This includes Wiki Contributors (I. 28: Don't accuse every new user of being a troll/sock without enough proof. Users can get annoyed if someone randomly jumps in and joins the RP. They're not art dispensers and will let people know if they ARE taking requests- but do not ask. People get annoyed when they do a song artcle and see later that someone else did the same thing. You can only do a song that someone else did if you have permission from the original user and can prove it in a message wall post.Only on our site you can meet some really naughty girls!Log onto our site and see for yourself how crazy these bitches can get!

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